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Youtube friend Hobbexp received Parang from Borneo

I am totally delighted that the parang I sent to Fredde a.k.a Hobbexp on Youtube has arrived safely. The thought of the Parang going missing during transit or confiscated (for any reason) haunted me not because of the cost of the parang (it is really affordable btw) but because it took such a long time to be completed. And now that Fredde has published his first ‘field’ use of the Parang, I can now stop worrying about it. It has arrived and I am totally happy about that. Below is the video that Fredde posted just yesterday.


I have long been a follower of Fredde’s channel on Youtube. I think he is one of the most simple, no nonsense Bushcrafter around. He knows his stuff and is really good at it. The idea of getting a Parang for Fredde came when it dawned on me that perhaps he is a good person to give an honest review of the Parang since he is a real user. And judging from the video above, it is obvious that he is a real user!

The Parang that Fredde is using in the video above is made by a bladesmith in Borneo. He is the 3rd generation bladesmith, continuing a legacy from his grandfather. He uses only old vehicle leaf spring . The challenge when it comes to getting a blade made by the maker is that he is difficult to get hold of. And after that, it is the ‘waiting time’ for the entire Parang (with handle and sheath) to be completed. You see…he only make the blades. Once the blades are ready, the blade has to be sent to a craftsman to make the sheath. And trust me…a curve blade like this on a wooden sheath is hard to make.

I sent this Parang to Fredde with reservations. I know this blade performs exceptionally well in the jungle environment and the wooden handle and sheath really hold up to abuse here. But at the back of my mind, I wasn’t too sure if the wood would do well in the cold climate of Sweden. I just hope that the wood used to make the handle and the sheath would hold up.

Fredde a.k.a Hobbexp is a well known and established bushcrafter on Youtube. Now that he has made this video, I sincerely do hope that it will help put Parang a place in his future ‘adventures’. And with the added ‘pin’ I made on his parang (to keep the blade from flying out of the handle), I sincerely hope this Fredde will enjoy using the Borneo Parang.

Click here to find out how and why I inserted the pin into Fredde’s parang.