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March 2014 new lot of Parang & Jungle knife

  We now have a new lot of authentic locally made parangs available at Sepuh Crafts. This time around, we are also happy to announce our version of a jungle survival camp knife. The knife is based on some gathering … Continue reading

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December 2012 new lot of parangs

Yes, we now have a new lot of parang at Sepuh Crafts. They are finally here and available for purchase. The parangs actually arrived a few weeks ago but due to work and personal commitment, I was not able to … Continue reading

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New lot of Ray Mears style parang arrive

After nearly two months working to and fro with the parang makers, Sepuh Crafts have finally received the first batch of the ‘updated’ Ray Mears style parang. What are the changes? Besides improving on the blade design, we have also … Continue reading

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Colhane on Youtube tests the Borneo parang

Some months back, I sent a Borneo parang to Mac (a.k.a Colhane) to do a review. I find Mac to be a no-nonsense outdoors-man with an honest and practical approach to jungle camping, tools and methodology. When I first approached … Continue reading

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Parang candongs just arrived from Borneo

Good news. More of the parang candong from Borneo has arrived. We are currently sorting out the parangs undergo the secondary process of inserting the brass pins. This will take a bit of time. As soon as they are done, … Continue reading

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More parang candong from Borneo

Interest on the parang candongs from Borneo has been encouraging. Fredde’s video on the parang has probably helped create the interest. As of today, we have received more than 2 lots of the parangs and we hear that the makers … Continue reading

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Inserting a pin for Hobbexp (Youtube)’s parang

The Borneo made parang which was sent to Mr Fredde (a.k.a Hobexp on Youtube) actually came without a pin attached to its blade and handle. I have seen so many parangs when I travel and a pin through the wooden … Continue reading

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