30th September 2017: 

We are halting all international sales of parang until further notice. However, local buyers and local shipping (within Malaysia) is still available. Please read here for more information. 


Below are parangs for sale. Parangs spoken for will be marked ‘SPF’. Once the payment has been received and parang shipped, the pictures of the parangs will be removed from the site. I will have to do this to reduce the space required on my web hosting server.

All parangs are locally made in Malaysia. More information of each parang is available in the first picture of each set. Shipping will done via Malaysian Post and will be tracked. It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to arrive in countries like USA and UK.

I prefer to receive payment via Paypal. If however you wish to arrange another method to pay, please let me know.

Please find out your local laws of importing a parang from Malaysia. If you need further information on the parangs for sale, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via the Contact page.


Note:  All sale is strictly on a first come first serve basis. Place your order by writing to me via the Contact page.

  • Price: Refer to pictures below
  • Shipping: USA/ Europe: RM120 (tracked) See sample shipping receipt here
  • Shipping: Australia/ NZ: RM80 (tracked)
  • Wood used on handle is Suren
  • Wood used on sheath is either Acacia

Parang BDP18 (SPF Steve)
Price: RM420 (not inclusive of shipping)

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Parang BDP28
Price: RM420 (not inclusive of shipping)

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Parang BPK26
Price: RM340 (not inclusive of shipping)

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Parang BCS45
Price: RM290 (not inclusive of shipping)
Note: This is a small version of the parang candong. Please see picture for details. Parang is forward heavy.

short parang no45 lanyard holes
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