Our Friends

A ‘parang panjang’ (long parang) in use.


Most items featured on Sepuh Crafts are sourced from grass root craftsmen and I am proud to be part of it. The more I can promote it, the better chance I think the crafts have at surviving into future generations. I would hope that my children would have the opportunity to appreciate and experience local knowledge and skill.

With your support, Sepuh Crafts hope to empower craftsman with the spirit and enthusiasm to continue their trade as well as to impart their knowledge and experience onto the younger generation. This is important as I see it as the only way to ensure the continuation of the skill and knowledge.  Without this continuous process, crafts would cease to exist…and unfortunately Sepuh Crafts as well.

This page is dedicated to all friends & supporters of Sepuh Crafts. Many of whom took the risk of trusting a perfect stranger (that’s me!) with their money for crafts and tools that they have not seen or touched before. I know the waiting time after the payment has been done can only be described as ‘nail biting at the edge of the seat’!

On behalf of Sepuh Crafts and the entire craftsman that we work with, here’s a big thank you!


~Sepuh Crafts~

“I just wanted to say thank you. My parang arrived this morning in Canberra (Australia), only 13 days after dispatch.
I was immediately impressed with the care taken in packaging, right down to a little extra foam here and there for good measure. The parang itself is awesome and a delight of practical craftsmanship.
The service from Keong has been first class and attentive at every stage. I believe he is a man of admirable integrity not just for his customers and his business, but for the precious cultural heritage that he showcases.
Please convey my thanks also to the skilled craftsmen who spent so much time preparing this beautiful and useful tool. So much to be proud of here.”

14th March 2017-Tomás, Australia.



Dino Labiste and a parang from Sepuh Crafts at the 2012 Winter Count in Arizona, USA.







Fredde aka Hobbexp with a Borneo parang in Sweden.






Lee getting the hang of the parang


Lee ‘Swampy’…a paramedic from Australia.