Sepuh Crafts parang in Norway

sepuh crafts parang

A Sepuh Crafts parang with its waist wear set up by a customer from Norway

A few weeks back, I received a picture of Sepuh Crafts parang from a customer in Norway. It is always good to hear from customers who are fielding our parangs in the outdoors. It is also interesting to see how customers have their parang setup for wear around the waist. Our two sided lanyard ready sheaths allow for multiple setup and this is one of the many ways.

Here are a few more pictures of the parang in Norway wilderness.

parang Norway

Parang in use in the wilderness of Norway

parang hammock

Parang close to you even on the hammock, always ready to get back to work!

Some feedback from our Norwegian customer:

“I absolutely love this parang! It is very effective and very versatile. It is also very comfortable in use. Lovely handle.”

Sepuh Crafts parangs have been sold and shipped to many countries around the world. If you are interested to own one or would like more information, please see our Parangs for sale page or write to me directly via the Contact page.

Thank you.

Parang Iban like Ray Mears arrives

After months of waiting, the parangs are finally here

Its been a few months that I have placed orders for the Ray Mears styled parang from Borneo. While the bladesmith has been able to produce the blades, the carpenter seems to be ailing (that’s according to the bladesmith). Anyhow, I received quite a number of pieces and they are now ready for the few friends who have written in to inquire.

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Long (Panjang) ‘Duku’ from Batang Ai, Sarawak- a true user

This 'gift' from the chief of the Iban long house to me



The word ‘Duku’ means parang and when I visited an Iban village in Batang Ai, Sarawak some months back, the chief of the village (after noticing how much I admired his parangs) decided to present me with a duku panjang from his own farming tools. This Duku was in no way beautifully crafted but to me, it is a real testament of how a true working tool looks like.

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The makers of Ray Mears styled parang from Batang Ai, Sarawak

A hand made Candong by the Ibans of Borneo

There has been lots of inquires on the Ray Mears styled parang from friends on the internet. While there are makers and sellers who are cashing on this ‘parang fame’, not much is not about the original maker of this parang except that it is from Borneo. Here is a video I compiled on an Iban community in Sarawak. Probably one of the many community who are the real makers of such parangs.

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