Updates from Stem of Lake Bera

Lake Bera Malaysia

The tranquil Lake Bera, a home away from home for us

I did visit my good friend Stem at Lake Bera during the same time I visited Jamri for the wooden fire pistons. His family is doing well with children who seems to have shot up in size in just a matter of few years of us (me and wife traveled there) missing them. We caught up with him and his family on what’s been happening.

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New lot of parangs, April 2017

New lot of parangs with a slightly different shape of blade and handle. Curvy wooden sheaths too

Our first batch of parangs for April is now ready for sale. I will have the pics posted in the parang for sale section soon. Do have a look and let me know via the Contact page is you are interested in any. Do note that the color of the wood handle and sheath may vary a little due to the linseed oil applied on them. They do take a few days to cure completely and I am trying to apply at least 3 layers of linseed oil.

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Jamri tests fire pistons, all 6 sets

With only 6 sets, Jamri agreed to demonstrate each and every one of the fire pistons

This time around, I manage to convince Jamri to demonstrate all the fire pistons he made. In the past, each time I would collect about 10 sets or more from him and each time it would be an issue of running out of battery or memory space. With only 6 sets, I was quite confident I can wing it.

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Lake Bera for some traditional wood fire pistons

traditional wood piston

Its good to meet an old friend after nearly 4 years since we spoke face to face

I just returned from a visit to Lake Bera for some traditional wood fire piston sets made by Mr Jamri. Its been over 4 years since we met face to face and it is really good to be able to catch up with him. Besides getting the traditional hand made piston sets, I was able to catch up with him and his wife. They both have some interesting stories to share with me nevertheless.

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Our wooden parang sheaths

Traditional Malaysia parangs for sale

The wooden sheath and handle are individually made to fit each blade. This is the latest lot, they are work in progress

I received a few question about the wooden parang sheaths. In almost all the parangs made, the blade’s shape and look is almost identical but because all the wooden parts are individually hand made, they (the sheath and handle) are not identical. There will be minor variances from one to another. To answer the questions, I took pictures from this new lot of parang and I want to write about some features of the sheaths that makes them unique to Sepuh Crafts.

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Pisau raut or whittling knife

Pisau raut

I manage to find these 4 pieces of whittling blades. 2 each for right & left handed users

I received a few inquiries on the whittling knife used by Raman in his ‘Rattan simpai weave video’ posted previously. I decided to look through the workshop for some of the old stock of the whittling blades. These are made of vehicle leaf springs. The blades have chisel grind on them and hence some divided to left and right handed.

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Raman’s rattan simpai weave video

Here’s a short video of Raman making the rattan simpeh/ simpai weave on one of the sheaths of the recent lot of parangs. It takes a lot of patience and practice to get it right!

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New lot parang available

parang candong for sale

The parangs are ready for sale

Our new lot of parangs are now available for grabs. These candong style parangs have been installed with brass pins, set in slow setting epoxy also has its wood surfaces treated with linseed oil and adorned with the rattan Simpeh weaved by Raman.

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New lot of parangs in a few weeks time

New lot of parang from Sepuh Crafts

Finally…our first lot of parangs after a long hiatu

Here is our (almost completed) new lot of parangs after about 2 years of hiatus. We apologize for the delay but the whole process of relocating back to Malaysia was a bit more work that we anticipated. These parangs will be ready in a few weeks.

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Returning to Malaysia soon

Returning to Malaysia soon

Returning to Malaysia soon

Hi everyone!

We have been in New Zealand since Feb 2015 and will be returning to Malaysia in a few months time. Its a return trip which I have personally been very much looking forward to. While I wish could say that we have had a wonderful time here, life can often be an unforgiving place. Its been a challenging time to say the least. My family has been dealt with a terrible blow that only a parent could even start to imagine. Life will never be the same.

I am hoping that the following months or even years would bring a closure to our loss. There are things in life that are not meant to be and I have come to accept that. Believing in God and that He is in control has given me the strength to carry on.

Sepuh Crafts has always been a personal passion and interest to me, hence it will be the one project that I will revive as soon as I get settled down in Malaysia. Thank you all for all your inquiries and I will do my best to get it going again soon. There is a lot of work to be done on my side and I ask for your kind patience.

Do visit the site from time to time for updates. I have some new ideas I will be testing out and your feedback are most appreciated.

Keong for Sepuh Crafts



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