Christoper’s parang setup, San Jose USA

parang setup usa

Christopher parang setup includes his full tang blade

I am stoked! Christopher from San Jose CA, USA emailed me a few pictures of his Sepuh Crafts parang setup. He paired the parang with a full tang blade from LT Wright (The Genesis) on the sheath. A good pair combo for any outdoor field use.

The Sepuh Crafts parang is paired with a LT Wright Genesis fixed blade. A good looking combo!


Our thanks to Christopher for sharing his parang setup

Having a smaller knife piggy back on the sheath is a good idea. Many of the locals who use their parang in the jungle would have a smaller blade for food prep too. In the jungle, a parang cuts through many types of vegetation and this leaves all kinds of sap on the blade. Hence, it does make sense to have a smaller blade for food prep (especially).

I want to thank you Christopher and Jarle for taking the time and effort to send pictures to share on Sepuh Crafts. We are very happy and proud to see the parangs in a foreign land serving their owners.


Jarle of Norway parang setup

How Jarle of Norway ties his parang to his body

Here are some pics of parang setup sent to me from Jarle of Norway. After posting some pictures he sent us on our last blog post, I received some questions on how the sheath is attached to the cordage. This is an good trial and test parang setup with excellent results.

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Sepuh Crafts parang in Norway

sepuh crafts parang

A Sepuh Crafts parang with its waist wear set up by a customer from Norway

A few weeks back, I received a picture of Sepuh Crafts parang from a customer in Norway. It is always good to hear from customers who are fielding our parangs in the outdoors. It is also interesting to see how customers have their parang setup for wear around the waist. Our two sided lanyard ready sheaths allow for multiple setup and this is one of the many ways.

Here are a few more pictures of the parang in Norway wilderness.

parang Norway

Parang in use in the wilderness of Norway

parang hammock

Parang close to you even on the hammock, always ready to get back to work!

Some feedback from our Norwegian customer:

“I absolutely love this parang! It is very effective and very versatile. It is also very comfortable in use. Lovely handle.”

Sepuh Crafts parangs have been sold and shipped to many countries around the world. If you are interested to own one or would like more information, please see our Parangs for sale page or write to me directly via the Contact page.

Thank you.

Wooden fire pistons…use & care

fire piston

Jamri demonstrates one of the fire pistons he made

Our traditional wooden fire pistons sets made by Jamri and his son Zaza is now available for purchase. Please click on Fire Piston to view sets available. I have also uploaded videos of each fire piston test onto Youtube. There are 18 videos in total. I did not combine all the videos into a single video as the editing process is too time consuming. On this post, I will share an old video of Jamri showing how to prep and use the fire piston as well as how to store it away.

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Fire piston maker- updates on Jamri

The morning fog envelops Lake Bera as I drove to see Jamri

A few days ago, I paid a visit to Mr Jamri, our fire piston maker at Lake Bera. It was a weekday, hence an early start is necessary to avoid the office hour traffic chaos in the city. It was a pleasant drive, with the unraveling of the morning fog as I got nearer to his village. Over the phone, Jamri told me he had some good news and I really look forward to be seeing a healthier person this time around.

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