Fire Pistons

Traditional fire pistons

Sepuh Crafts is proud to support the traditional wooden fire pistons hand crafted by the native Semelais of Lake Bera, Pahang. The making of the fire pistons was revived thanks to the interest generated by various parties in Malaysia that is keen to see this craft come to life. Using their local knowledge of materials found around Lake Bera, the locals are now able to make fire pistons for sale to help supplement their household income.

Mr Jamri working on one of the fire pistons

One of the makers is Mr Jamri, a local Semelai with a natural talent for making this unique fire making tool. Having been invited to various exhibition locally, he is now spending most of his time back in his village, preferring to work his land and to be with his family.

Visitors from UK and Japan trying out the fire pistons

Sepuh Crafts is teaming up with people like Mr Jamri to sell these wooden hand crafted fire pistons. Working from the comfort of their home, the makers will produce the fire pistons based on orders from Sepuh Crafts which are then sold to interested buyers all over the world.

A fire piston and a bamboo container of tinder and ‘terap’ seals

Each piece is made by a Semelai from Lake Bera and they are individually tested to make sure that they work. The fire pistons come with a small bamboo tube of tinder packed together with some Terap fibres (the fire piston’s natural o-ring seals).

Prices for the fire piston range between USD55 to USD65 a unit, depending on size and design. All purchases from outside of Malaysia will be in USD and shipping will be separate. A normal shipment of a fire piston to US/ Europe via normal registered mail usually cost around USD5 for one set of Fire Piston.

Payment via Paypal for international buyers is preferred.

If you are interested to support this traditional craft of fire piston makings by the Semelais of Lake Bera, do feel free to write to us via our Contact Us page for more information.