My name is Keong Lye Choon and welcome to Sepuh Crafts! This website started as a result of my love for locally made Malaysian parangs, crafts and skills. Through my adventures, I meet and make new friends from all over and I guess my constant ravings on traditional crafts got many of them interested.

Over the years, I have helped friends to obtain all sorts of crafts. With more and more orders coming in for traditional parangs, fire pistons etc, I have decided that it is time to setup this site to showcase some of the items which have been made to meet these orders. And of course, the most popular by far is the Ray Mears styled parang.

Most of the items I have on this website are sourced from all over Malaysia, including Borneo. All of the parangs made are user pieces. Meaning they are not wall decoration pieces and not like the ones sold on the shelves of tourist souvenir shops. Parangs are constantly being updated, refined based on your feedback and comments. I will try to meet your requirements without sacrificing too much the authenticity of the tool. The fire pistons on the other hand are made by Semelais, an indigenous tribe that for the past 600 years (based on archaeological findings) have made Lake Bera their home. Lake Bera is an amazing place which holds many ancient knowledge and crafts that never cease to amaze me. Watch the video below I uploaded on youtube some time back.

All the products for sale on this site are sourced from grassroots craftsman, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. I try my very best to work with local natives because I believe working with them to help keep the knowledge, skill and art alive.

But do understand, as most of the crafts on this site is custom made, hence I may not necessarily have available stock. This is an ongoing project that I am doing out of interest. If you have ideas, comments or suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

I thank you for your visit to the site. I am constantly trying to upgrade this site to make it better. Please forgive me for the constant broken links. I will try my best to solve all of them asap. Feel free too to visit my blog pages. If you are interested to purchase any of the items on this site, or place a custom order for a particular item, please have a look at the Our Shop page. Alternatively,  feel free to write to me via the Contact page.


Best regards,