All international parang sale halted

Two parangs returned by Pos Malaysia

Sad news for us at Sepuh Crafts. We are halting all international sale of parangs for the time being. Recently, two of our parangs, destined for Germany and Australia was returned from Pos Malaysia. The parangs never even left Malaysia!

We made several calls and was told that they are now enforcing a regulation that does not allow Parangs (categorized as dangerous weapons) to be shipped via air parcel. All parcels are now 100% scanned, so it does not matter how we declare it, they would still see it.

The only option they say may be other courier service. So, we contacted DHL and turns out they too no longer ship items dangerous weapons for consumers. Not sure what that means but I have a feeling it would be ok to ship commercially as in bulk.

Anyways, we at Sepuh Crafts have no choice but to make this difficult decision to halt all sale of parangs to be shipped internationally. However, it is still okay to ship the parangs locally. So, if you are travelling within Malaysia, we can still have them shipped to you locally.

We will continue to search for ways to overcome this. In the mean time, I would like to apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Thank you

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8 Responses to All international parang sale halted

  1. Tomas Dietz says:

    I’m sorry this has happened. It’s so stupid. Things are not dangerous. People are. People can be dangerous with anything in their hands, including a glass of beer at the local pub, so this ruling is totally, totally stupid.

    • Keong says:

      Hi Tomas. Totally agree with you. I understand why you can’t have batteries on an airplane but what can a parang do? Free itself from the box and starting on a rampage? Hahahahaha…anyways, hopefully we will be able to find a solution to this soon. Thanks

  2. Jonathan says:

    Do you knot have Fed-Ex in Malaysia?

    • Keong says:

      Yes we do Jonathan. I will look them up soon. Shipping cost can be high though. But in time, we will figure something out for sure.

  3. Tim Schwarze says:

    Oh, I am so sorry. I was hoping to get two more for my other two sons for Christmas. That’s what I get for putting it on my to do list instead of just going right ahead. Please keep us all posted. I feel bad as much for us on the receiving end as you on the shipping end, but even more for them back in the villages (kampungs) who are doing the making.

  4. Yip says:

    That Australian parcel looks like mine !
    If you can fedex it , that would be good

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