New lot parangs delayed

traditional adze heads

A pair of traditional adze heads which too us months to complete because blacksmith can’t find the right steel. Thank you Paul for your patience

I have to announce that new lot of parangs from Sepuh Crafts will face some delays in the next few months. This comes after some rather sad news from one of our craftsman that is involved in the finishing of the parangs. Nevertheless, we will try our best to get some quantities out and meet some of the orders.

A few parangs from the latest lot. Note the middle ‘shorty’. Forward heavy with a blade length just about 8 inches.

In the recent lot of new parangs, we have decided to go ahead and produce a few pieces of short bladed parangs (forward heavy). The blades are just about 8 inches in length. This parang came about after we received several emails inquiring about the possibility of making them. Well, here they are!

Waiting for the sheaths to be completed with rattan simpeh weaves

We have sent the parang sheaths to Mr Raman to weave the rattan simpehs on. We have been struglling with this as a few months ago, Raman’s wife was stricken with a serious illness which involves her to be admitted into the hospital for treatment. The doctors would expect the treatment to continue for months.

This news saddened everyone at Sepuh Crafts. While Raman’s work on the parang may be seen as cosmetics, we honor his input onto our parangs as we believe it adds value to the parang as a whole. We have discussed options with Raman and he insisted to continue his work with us as best as he is able to. His challenge is no meager task as he struggles to care for his wife and 5 children.

Sepuh Crafts has committed to continue to support Raman’s family. I have actually allocated a percentage of all sales to his family since June this year. I decided to share this story because a few have written in asking about the delays in parang. Unless buyers are willing to accept the parangs without Raman’s rattan simpeh weave, we hope they will understand the circumstances he is facing.

We thank you for your consideration and patience.


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