Jarle of Norway parang setup

How Jarle of Norway ties his parang to his body

Here are some pics of parang setup sent to me from Jarle of Norway. After posting some pictures he sent us on our last blog post, I received some questions on how the sheath is attached to the cordage. This is an good trial and test parang setup with excellent results.

There are many ways to do a parang setup. There certainly is no right or wrong and I honestly think it is more a matter of preference. Below are pictures of how Jarle does his parang setup.

Tying cord onto parang sheath

I believe this setup allows the wearer to adjust the position of the parang while worn. The wrap around the holes on the sheath gives extra security

Jarle not only sent us pictures but included some kind compliments on the Sepuh Crafts parang. All we can say is that we are pleased the parang arrived safely in Norway and is now being put into use.

I’ve had the opportunity to use this beautiful parang a lot more now, and it truly is a joy to use! It is so effective, versatile and comfortable. I’ve used it on dry, hard wood and softer green wood, thick and thin. I’ve chopped, split, carved and fashioned. I’ve prepared food. I’ve gutted fish and made fillets… There really are no tasks I would need to do with a cutting tool in the wild that I can’t do with this parang! It takes a very nice edge, too.

Thank you Jarle for sharing with us pictures on your parang setup


We at Sepuh Crafts welcome feedback, ideas and suggestions on our parangs. If you have purchased a parang from us in the past, do feel free to send us your version of parang setup and we will share them on our site.

Feel free to write to me directly via the Contact page and I will do my best to get back to you soonest possible.


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