Christoper’s parang setup, San Jose USA

parang setup usa

Christopher parang setup includes his full tang blade

I am stoked! Christopher from San Jose CA, USA emailed me a few pictures of his Sepuh Crafts parang setup. He paired the parang with a full tang blade from LT Wright (The Genesis) on the sheath. A good pair combo for any outdoor field use.

The Sepuh Crafts parang is paired with a LT Wright Genesis fixed blade. A good looking combo!


Our thanks to Christopher for sharing his parang setup

Having a smaller knife piggy back on the sheath is a good idea. Many of the locals who use their parang in the jungle would have a smaller blade for food prep too. In the jungle, a parang cuts through many types of vegetation and this leaves all kinds of sap on the blade. Hence, it does make sense to have a smaller blade for food prep (especially).

I want to thank you Christopher and Jarle for taking the time and effort to send pictures to share on Sepuh Crafts. We are very happy and proud to see the parangs in a foreign land serving their owners.


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