Fire piston maker- updates on Jamri

The morning fog envelops Lake Bera as I drove to see Jamri

A few days ago, I paid a visit to Mr Jamri, our fire piston maker at Lake Bera. It was a weekday, hence an early start is necessary to avoid the office hour traffic chaos in the city. It was a pleasant drive, with the unraveling of the morning fog as I got nearer to his village. Over the phone, Jamri told me he had some good news and I really look forward to be seeing a healthier person this time around.

Jamri wasn’t feeling well the last time I met him. Seeing him smiling and greeting me at his home made that 3 hours plus drive worth while. We exchanged greetings and he proceeded to show me the new lot of fire pistons he just completed. Just as I was labeling the wooden fire piston sets, I was greeted by Zaza…Jamri’s son. So pleased to finally meet him.

fire piston maker

The traditional wooden fire piston maker Jamri with son Zaza

As we chatted, our expert fire piston maker Jamri explained to me how his son Zaza has left his job in the big city to return to the village. Jamri was beaming with pride as he announced that Zaza is taking up the skill of traditional fire piston making from him. This new lot of fire piston sets is completed as a father & son project he acclaimed. Wonderful!

Zaza will be the second generation fire piston maker that we will be working with. He is preparing to demonstrate one of the sets to me

This comes as good news for Sepuh Crafts. One of the reasons I started Sepuh Crafts was to see that the skill, knowledge and legacy of traditional crafts be kept alive within the generations, families and communities of the people that inherited it. Having Zaza taking up the skill from his father is a happy news indeed.

Yes, I now have close to 18 sets of traditional wooden fire pistons (‘stapik berspak’ among the Semelais of Lake Bera) with me. I am now sorting out the pics and videos…which should take another day probably. We tested and made a video for each of the fire piston sets.

test wood fire pistons

We tested each and every fire piston sets. They will be available for sale soon

I will not be compiling the test videos into a single video this time around.  It is too time consuming. Instead, I will upload each video as it is onto Youtube. The videos will be unlisted. Once you have chosen a fire piston set to purchase, I will then email you the link of the video.  The fire pistons for sale will be posted on this page.

So, if you are interested to purchase a set of fire piston, do email me via the contact page. Your purchase will help support Sepuh Crafts and traditional fire piston makers like Jamri and his son Zaza.

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  1. Tim Schwarze says:

    I just really enjoy you making the effort to see that some of the traditional skills are not lost by making them available to those around the world who can afford them and want them and by doing so support them. I just wish more of this could be accomplished around the many villages in that part of the world. Terima Kasih!!

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