Colhane on Youtube tests the Borneo parang

Some months back, I sent a Borneo parang to Mac (a.k.a Colhane) to do a review. I find Mac to be a no-nonsense outdoors-man with an honest and practical approach to jungle camping, tools and methodology. When I first approached him, he warned me that he will be strictly honest on the review. Well, I expect nothing less. The parang is an Iban style parang from Borneo, each piece crafted by the same bladesmith using mostly non hi-tech machines. I doubt if there is (ever a) perfect parang but I use several parangs from the same maker and I find it the best around. Mac is really busy back in the US. He told me he will do a review on the parang later. In any case, he manage to do this quick cutting task with the parang. Happy watching!



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