Duku Panjang (long parang) from Sarawak

A beautiful & usable parang panjang from Sarawak

This is a ‘duku pajang’ or long parang from Sarawak, sort of like a parang machete if you like. Made by the same maker that makes Sepuh Craft’s parang candong, it is forged from high quality leaf spring (blade length is 43cm) and completed with hand crafted handle and sheath. This is a common tool for village folks going out to to work their farms. The long, slender blade makes an excellent brush clearing tool.

At a total length of 60cm (end to end, sheathed), this parang is quite long as compared to the other normal parangs one would normally see. It has a streamline blade with a really good feel to it. It resembles some of the parang ‘tebas’ in Peninsula Malaysia except that this comes with hand made wooden sheath.

The parang unsheathed

There are ‘hit’ marks on the blades but that only add to the beauty of the overall parang in my honestopinion. The handle (14cm in length) for example is has a good feel to it and the ‘simpeh’ made of rattan adds a really nice touch to it.

Beautiful craftmanship on the handle

Note the 'simpeh' on the parang handle

A lot of attention and care went into the sheath as well. The sheath is held together with treated rattan ‘simpeh’. A draining hole was also made to help make sure that water would drain out easily. Very useful especially when used constantly in the jungle.

The other side of the parang

The drain hole on the sheath

A lot of attention and detail went into making this parang

The blades fits nicely (not too tight) and glides in smoothly into the sheath

This parang, because of its length is more suitable worn on the waist horizontally. This eases the drawing and sheathing of the blade. If it is worn vertically, not only will drawing the blade be cumbersome but can also pose risk of being cut by the blade.

If you are interested to place an order for a duku panjang or any of other parangs from Sarawak, please write to us via our Contact Us page.

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