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Are you looking for authentic, locally Malaysian made parang, wooden fire pistons or a traditional Orang Asli adze? Well, you have come to the right place!

Traditional hand made Fire Pistons by Jamri of Lake Bera

Traditional hand made fire pistons by Jamri of Lake Bera

Sepuh Crafts offers authentic Malaysian made crafts and tools. The items offered are carefully selected from craftsmen who specialize in specific trade, honoring their traditional culture, knowledge and skill. The makers come from as far as the state of Sarawak (Borneo), Perak, Selangor and even in the jungle fringes of Lake Bera in Pahang.

We ensure all our parang tangs are fixed with two brass pins and set in slow setting epoxy.

We ensure all our parang tangs are fixed with two brass pins and set in slow setting epoxy.

No two items we have for sale is identical. Materials used for making the items here are carefully selected by the craftsmen, depending on its purpose of use and function. Some of the material, like wood used on the Adze made by the native Semelai of Lake Bera has flexible properties that match even the best rattan!


Traditional hand made wooden and bamboo fire pistons

Jamri’s traditional wood and bamboo hand made fire piston on the other hand is carved by hand using wood he carefully selected from the jungle where he lives. His fire pistons are unique that they require water to work!

When you purchase products from Sepuh Crafts, not only are you investing in crafts that are authentically made by local Malaysian craftsmen but you are also supporting their knowledge and livelihood. The sale of crafts has helped improve their household income and this is a good motivation for them to continue their craft. Below are other crafts that are available (some items require pre-orders):

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